New League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn

I mean this as no disrespect to the League of Legends videos of the past, but the new League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn just completely knocked it out of the park. If you’ve paid attention to Riot’s particular style in the past, the video primarily showcases the style of each champion in order rather independently. See A Twist of Fate below.

The fights remind me of dances and the only clear objective is to show off the style of each unique character. No reason for the battle is given and the scenes transition from champion to champion with choreographed grace. This is lovely when your objective is simply to show off all your characters, but I feel that Riot’s newest video does that and displays more of the themes of League of Legends itself.

In A New Dawn viewers are introduced not only to the champions, but the theme of the game itself: a brutal 5v5 team combat with a real objective, the Nexus. The teams are as follows: Leona, Ahri, Graves, Jax and Rengar vs Katarina, Draven, Darius, Zyra and  Nautilis. The battle is mostly seen through the eyes of Ahri, who is frustratingly passive throughout the fight. It’s clear that the objective is to keep moving towards a goal with team 2 trying to stop them. We are slowly introduced to each character in their style while maintaining the objective, a five versus five team fight with the nexus at the objective. Also given to viewers is a darker perspective. I have never seen blood in League of Legends cinematic and I welcome it’s addition as its tasteful use does a great job showcasing the brutality of arena combat, though deaths are tastefully implied, not shown. When I first viewed the video this morning, it had less than 500,000 views. Now the counter is at 1,258,000 at 12:30 US Pacific. I don’t doubt that it will eventually surpass A Twist of Fate’s nearly 30 million views.