Anti SOPA propaganda

Unless you haven’t been using the internet for the past few weeks you have no excuse to not be aware of the SOPA/PIPA legislation in Congress and the Senate. If you haven’t, please click here for Wikipedia’s fully entry. In a nutshell*:

  • Kills streaming. If any single streamer plays copyrighted music (or alt tabs into a movie or other owned content) on their stream, there is a significant risk of the entire streaming service being taken down. In some cases, it could even result in criminal penalties for the streamer.
  • Threatens independent content creation. Services we all use to create and share League of Legends related content, such as YouTube, Reddit, DeviantArt, streaming websites such as Own3d and Twitch, and more would be at risk of shutting down or greatly restricting the scope of legitimate content allowed on their sites.
  • Attacks our community. Aspects of our service such as the official forums and potentially even in-game chat, could be taken down or have their features reduced based on user behavior.
  • Other harmful effects. SOPA/PIPA undermine established intellectual property legislation like the DMCA, raise serious constitutional free speech issues, and could even compromise the basic security infrastructure of the internet.

These bills crush the freedom of the internet as we know it. This is an overreaching and irresponsible approach to tackling online piracy.

Here are some examples of small freedoms that would be taken away.

  • Aspiring pop singer can’t do their mediocre cover and post it on youTube
  • No modified or cut up collages from movies such as this
  • No Fan made Thundercats movie trailors
  • Frorums would likely disable inserting images into posts to avoid liability
  • Posting steams of copyrighted videogames
  • Looking at my own blog I see some in game screen shots that may be suspect according to this new law
Given the evilness of this legislation who is supporting it, you might ask? The answer is a lot of big companies and big money; Coach, Motion Picture Association of America, NBA, NFL, NBC, Sony. These are just a few. As you can imagine, there has been an internet backlash against the legislation and you can help! Please join the rest of the internet and sign your support.
*Credit to Riot Games for list


New round of D3 Beta invites out

The good news is that a new round of Diablo III invites went out this week. The bad news is that the server’s apparently cannot handle the influx of new players. I’ve been able to level a monk to 6 with some friends, but that’s about it. The beta invites went on on Wednesday (12/7). I think they must have at least doubled or tripled the previous number of beta testers, because the influx of new people is apparently keeping the servers permanently crashed. I’m positive they added a lot more people since I went from knowing one person with a beta key borrowed from a friend to three new beta testers. From the small amount I was able to see, D3 looks like everything we’ve come from a Diablo title and from Blizzard. The title screen music and graphics are gorgeous. The gameplay is smooth and move executions are satisfying.

I’m very encouraged that the game will be out next month. Keep your eye on the Spike VGAs tonight for the release of what I believe is the opening cinematic for the game. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we get a release date.

Big Warm Fuzzy Secret Heart

This song has been in my head all day. I’m sharing it with you! The song is by Jonathan Coulton. He makes MMO related music and videos. The few I’ve watched revolve around WoW. The tunes are fun, but I believe his videos are patronizingly simple. An example is if the song mentions death it shows a dead body. If the song mentions a heart, it will show a picture of a heart. Although that is pretty accurate, it is also simplistic lacks the artistry that the fan made video below contains. It is pretty funny, catchy and it reminds me of my boyfriend XD

This particular video is fan made, and was been entered successfully in AMV contests at anime conferences. The anime that the video take from is called Legend of Black Heaven. I hope the music gets stuck in your head too.


This is pretty cool. It makes me realize how successful female Link cosplayers can be. Maybe I should try it someday

Some people complain that link is female and isn’t left handed, but COME ON She wanted to do the video and can’t change her genetics on a whim. I do have one complaint though, it doesn’t even come close to looking like she’s actually playing the music. She’ just kinda flailing about with that instrument. Also, I would have been able to fall for this a bit more if one violinist wasn’t pretending to play the part of an entire orchestra. A single violin recording would have been more charming imo.

Dreams Dreams

As you man know or will likely learn, I frequently have especially vivid and colorful dreams. Often, I realize that I’m dreaming and can exert varying degrees of influence on what’s going on. My boyfriend recommended that I start recording these head trips so here I am.

Last night in my dream I was in a bar or night club of some sort and bumped into a fictional person from my past that initiated a flood of memories. I had to spend some time recalling my past in order to remember this individual.  In my dream memories, I was still me, but my past was somehow jumbled up. People from graduate school were also at my undergraduate summer internship, upon which I was reflecting. Where I lived was different and my personality was sort of distorted. I had been a really big party girl (which admittedly I was a bit at my internship). None of the actually locations matched up with real locations. My graduate school friends were there, but some that I was close to in real life, I was distant with in my dream. Other that I barely knew at all in reality were very close to me in my dream. Even where I lived was different, instead of being in the dorms my dream had placed me as a sort of houseguest/exchange student situation with an eccentric family that lived in some sort of tiny egg pod house.
In the dream, this chance meeting at a bar inspired me to visit my fictional past (which was in Missouri). I visited some of the imaginary bars I had frequented and tried to squeeze into the egg house where some of the current tenants didn’t recognize me. If it sounds complicated, it was. When I woke up, I was kinda tripped out since I had to realign my dream past with my real past.
Figure that one out, psychologists.

How I see dreams


I’ve been on a book binge lately. I’ve felt a strong urge to purchase the last few hardcovers of the Harry Potter series. Perhaps I’m irrationally worried that their cost will rise or it will be harder to find new copies at a reasonable price. So lately whenever I’ve made an amazon purchase, I’ve thrown in a Harry Potter book. I only have one more to go!


Nero is contemplating what he wants to read now that he’s done with Inheritance.

Also book related is the release of the final book in theon November 8th. I’m sort of into fantasy novels. I’m afraid of aging mostly because of how silly it looks that I’m reading teen targeted fantasy novels XD. The books are written by teenage author Christopher Paolini. I really can’t ask for much more. I’m finding the last book fairly predictable due to the common fantasy elements and overly heavy foreshadowing of the first two books. Despite that, I love to just dig into a lovely coming of age fantasy full of magic, love, elves, dragons and dwarves. Some readers might consider the novels overly detailed or full of unimportant meanderings, but I really don’t mind. I read so fast I’m glad there’s a lot there to keep me reading nonstop for days. I believe I’m on the last quarter of the book. As always with books I’m both enthralled and a little sad to be reaching the end of the adventure. I can reread the books again in the future, but you never get another shot at your first read.


Bead Sprite Madness

This is why I love the internet. It people do such wonderful and artistic things and the internet provides the way for the world to see. I am particularly fond of this video because I have done quite a bit of bead spite making myself. I’ll have to post a picture of my fridge (which is covered in sprites) at a later date. This video was made by making numerous Super Mario bead sprites and painstakingly photographing them in sequence to create an adorable video. Enjoy!


>I stayed up till past 6AM last night playing Mincraft. Its still in Alpha so there are piles and piles of bugs. My and my friends are playing on a private server together and we’ve made quite the castle. You should give it a shot sometime.