Up, Up and Away

I’m about 1 hour 40 minutes into my flight. I managed to squat a
United Economy Plus window seat which i was not assigned to and
normally costs $100 to upgrade to. I simply watched my flights seating
map to determine which premium seats had not yet been claimed and and
defended my territory as the plane filled up. The seat next to me is
empty as well. While it may not be cushy business class, I’ve got
enough space to spread out and sleep later. I have really only read
the United Airlines magazine for entertainment and now I am listening
to Avishai Cohen. Now I’m jamming out to some wild jazz piano and
drums while eating a dry roll and munching down on barbecue chicken.
The vegetables it was served with we’re mushy, but the rice was tasty.
The salad with balls-omic vinaigrette was crisp, but it was pretty
much just iceberg lettuce with a tomato wedge. The bread is rather
bland, but I’m looking forward to the brownie. Ive read recently that
taste buds shift while flying due to pressure and humidity. I wonder
how different my meal would taste while on the ground.

Prior to taking off, I was expecting to be able to access wifi while
cruising over the Atlantic, but my plane is so old, it has an ash tray
in the lavatory.  I wonder if we’re over the ocean yet, if not we met
be close. Thank goodness the screaming child of the plane is seated
well away from me.  I think I’ll just use the restroom and get settled
in for a snooze while I await out continental breakfast which will be
served before landing. Brownie, I have one word for you; SOON. . .

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