Dragon Age DONE!

Dragon Age II is complete! Dragon Age was a mix of some interesting storytelling with bland gameplay. While I respect the challenge developers have at making skill selection quick and fun on the console, but the combat felt like a dull button mashing disaster. As I mentioned before, the storytelines were intriguing, performing sidequests often gave you more quest options further along in the game. One problem I constantly bumped into regarding this is that there were simply too many characters and plotlines to keep track of. Quite often, a character would approach me and start yammering about I-killed-his-mother this and I’m-seeking-vengence that. That’s cool and everything, but I did that sidequest 8 days ago, I have no idea who you are. A lot of the impact of these recurring minor characters is diminished because there are just too damned many of them, also, most of them want to kill me.

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