RPG Madness

With Mass Effect 3 coming out soon, a friend gently reminded me that I only remember bits and pieces of the Mass Effect 2 story.  I also have lingering regrets about not picking a love interest and holding out for Kaiden. I think because you have the option of killing off Ashley or Kaiden in Mass Effect 1, Bioware really can’t reintroduce either character in the subsequent games in any way but a cameo. I’ve determined that if I don’t pick a new lover for Sheapard, she’ll be forever alone.  Additionally, I’m a little tired of being the do gooder Paragon and I want to try out being a badass Renegade. That said, I’m already committed to two different RPGs already.  I am mid playthrough in both Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Dragon Age II. Additionally, I’m playing Minecraft and League of Legends here and there but their natures allow them to be forgotten and picked up at will. Before Christmas I felt like I really didn’t have anything to play, now I’ve got a new job and too much on my plate. I know I got a late start on Skyrim and Dragon Age II, but I was waiting for their prices to go down. Now I want to play Mass Effect 2, but juggling three RPGs really seems like a stretch.  I ought to be disciplined and complete Dragon Age II before I start a Mass Effect playthough. Additionally, everything has to be done by the time Diablo III finally gets released. Life as an overcommitted gamer is rough.  #FirstWorldProblems
Dragon Age II

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