I’ve had quite the gaming journey int he past few months. I went through a Guild Wars 2 phase. There have been some new developments that kept me interested, Anet has been rolling out frequent living world updates so that there’s new content every few weeks. Each event lasts a set amount of time then is gone forever, so it’s hard to tear yourself away if you’re a completionist like me. I managed to tear myself away for the last month or so and this has given me the opportunity to complete quite a few new games.


I received Bioshock: Infinite as a birthday gift and I had the time to get through it once I got away from the black hole of MMO land. Like many other reviewers, I found the plot to be compelling and the gameplay engaging. I primarily blasted through tough spots with my Crows.  The best thing about crows is that when a foe dies to crows, a crow trap is left in his/her place. It’s like a super crow multiplier.
During my transition from MMO to Bioshock, I also picked up an additional gaming related hobby; streaming on Readers, you can tune in at where you’ll see me streaming the most random games ever. So far my streams include Guild Wars 2, Bioshock: Infinite, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and not Outlast. After about a month of streaming, I feel I’ve gotten the hang of it, although I’ve attracted few followers. The whole experience is rather enjoyable so I’ll keep doing it regardless.
Next up, me and my friend (let’s call him Slayzer) are going to try to rig up my console to my twitch account to see if we can get PS3 games up and running. Then I can finally play The Last of Us and share the experience with my small pool of viewers. Wish me luck with all those wires.

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