New round of D3 Beta invites out

The good news is that a new round of Diablo III invites went out this week. The bad news is that the server’s apparently cannot handle the influx of new players. I’ve been able to level a monk to 6 with some friends, but that’s about it. The beta invites went on on Wednesday (12/7). I think they must have at least doubled or tripled the previous number of beta testers, because the influx of new people is apparently keeping the servers permanently crashed. I’m positive they added a lot more people since I went from knowing one person with a beta key borrowed from a friend to three new beta testers. From the small amount I was able to see, D3 looks like everything we’ve come from a Diablo title and from Blizzard. The title screen music and graphics are gorgeous. The gameplay is smooth and move executions are satisfying.

I’m very encouraged that the game will be out next month. Keep your eye on the Spike VGAs tonight for the release of what I believe is the opening cinematic for the game. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we get a release date.

Big Warm Fuzzy Secret Heart

This song has been in my head all day. I’m sharing it with you! The song is by Jonathan Coulton. He makes MMO related music and videos. The few I’ve watched revolve around WoW. The tunes are fun, but I believe his videos are patronizingly simple. An example is if the song mentions death it shows a dead body. If the song mentions a heart, it will show a picture of a heart. Although that is pretty accurate, it is also simplistic lacks the artistry that the fan made video below contains. It is pretty funny, catchy and it reminds me of my boyfriend XD

This particular video is fan made, and was been entered successfully in AMV contests at anime conferences. The anime that the video take from is called Legend of Black Heaven. I hope the music gets stuck in your head too.