>I stayed up till past 6AM last night playing Mincraft. Its still in Alpha so there are piles and piles of bugs. My and my friends are playing on a private server together and we’ve made quite the castle. You should give it a shot sometime.




>My replacement GPU came in today. I’ve been using one borrowed from a friend while I waited for the EVGA RMA process. (Thanks friends) It was a retired card that was well past its prime but it held up in SCII when I set the graphics very low. Well, wish me luck with the replacement process, I have to shut down my computer and pull it apart again.

Question of the Day:
Have you ever built a computer?

>Busy today

>Sadly, I can only write a short blog today. I don’t have much time so I’ll just go over why I’m so busy. My friend who is really crafty, made these adorable plushies. Apparently they were popular enough after she posted them on deviant art that there’s a small profit to be made by crafting them. So I’m going over to her house to craft some more. In the evening, a large group of friends is going to this AMAZING middle eastern restaurant. Later, we’re doing a MTG cube draft at another friend’s. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me and my ride is here.



>It turns out that League of Legends is tons of fun! A lot of my friends are playing and we’ve been getting together and working it. Its really good to have a team on ventrilo because you can really out coordinate the other team. I’m BowTigress on there if you want to add me. I’ve chosen an archer as my favorite character (suprise suprise). Come check it out!

>League of Legends

>I’m not sure how many of you played Warcraft III: TFT, but if you did I imagine you remember DOTA. DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) was an extremely popular custom game that gained such a following it nearly eclipsed the standard ladder games. I played  WCIII for years, so my clan dragged me to plenty of DOTA matches despite the fact that I wasn’t very good at them. Well more recently, a stand alone DOTA clone named League of Legends was released. My brother has played it for a while, but I haven’t given it a shot till today. I’ll let you know how it goes.

>Tigress Class Announced!


As EVERYONE should know, Diablo 3 is on its way. This is a little late in reposting, but the Tigress class has been announced. I am always the bow character in MMOs, so I’ve been waiting for the Amazon or Amazon replacement class to be announced. Now we have the Demon Hunter! It looks like the assasin and the amazon classes were just smooshed together to form this new class. I completely disapprove of the name since its so dissimilar to the demon hunters of previous Blizzard lore. Maybe i’m wrong and there will be more similarities than I see at first. Here is her into video posted at Blizzcon.