>What were you for Halloween!?


So I was rocking Supergirl for this year’s Halloween. If feels like its been years since I’ve dressed up. In fact, it HAS been years since I dressed up. The costume was really cute. The party theme was superheroes, and there was another supergirl =/ Maybe I’ll reuse my costume for ACEN next year since I’m not talented at making costumes. Is it okay to be a DC comiv superhero at an anime.manga conference? Towards the end of the night, the hosts’ cat got out. We needed to go out and catch him before he got into the nearby busy road. It was really funny, all the superheroes “activated”. Tony Stark used his glowy chestpiece as a flashlight as did Green Lantern with his ring. I was more or less useless in my heels (not really forethought THERE eh Supergirl?). Eventually the Professor (the one who made the Powerpuff girls) ended up pouncing and capturing the cat. It was all pretty comical after we were sure the cat wasn’t going to end up roadkill.

>more PC drama


So my motherboard I mentioned a few days ago is working well, but I’ve discovered that the GPU crashes whenever I boot a GPU intensive program (SCII, GW or Aion). Because of this, I’ve been battling with EVGA customer servive. They’ve had me jump through many many hoops and do some testing at home before they let me send it in. It seems like such a waste of time because I knew from the start the GPU was busted. They’ve had ben run tests for GPU overheating, run memory tests do GPU driver sweeps. I said no to testing a second GPU because I don’t have one handy. After all those tests, we know what I knew in the begining, the GPU is, in fact, busted. Finally they’ve agreed to take it back via RMA, but right now they’re doing invoice validatiod after I scanned and uploaded my original reciept. Pictured is my opened up rig.

I feel like they have all these hoops just to deter people from returning their products =/

>Fable III on its way

>When I posted yesterday, I didn’t realize that the release date of Fable III was so close. I got a notification from Amazon that it shipped today!  Sadly, I likely wont get the game till Friday. I took the time to design my future (Fable III) husband this morning and I think he turned out all right. He’s wearing green because that’s my favorite color.

I’ll leave you with some Fable music which I adore:

>Fable III pre-order

>I put my preorder for Fablle III down on on Amazon. I don’t typically pre-oerder games, but I’m always excited for the release of Fable games. Also, when you preoder this Fable III, you get to design your own villager on the Lionhead website that will appear when you play your copy of the game. I’m planning on designing a hunk for my character to marry.
Typically, I look for good condition used copies of games when I but, but that doesn’t really make sense for Fable. The reason for this is that Amazon will give you $20 off your next video game purchase when you preoder some games with them. This way a game costs more like $40 rather than $60. I know that’s not EXACTLY how it works, but now I can get a $20 game for freeeeeeee. I’ve been wanting to buy Okami for the PS2, but I’m really particular about avoiding the red marked packaged of the greatest hits versions so I have to be careful. I’ll leave you with the opening cinamatic.

>Computer Repairs


As a gamer, there’s certainly trouble in paradise when my computer is out of commission. As of now I’m in the process of repairing some bad parts in my machine. I had to replace my Abit i35 pro motherboard  so I was  browsing their site to get into contact with their customer server and I couldn’t find a link to it. Sure enough, my friend checks wikipedia and the whole company is out of business. NOWHERE on its perfectly functional website does it mention that the company no longer exists! Check out the site yourself Abit website. The only hint is if you look at the most recent announcement it is from 2008, lol. Anyway, I ended up getting a   GIGABYTE board instead (shown below). Does anyone else think its strange that this company went out of business but they don’t even mention it on their website? It seems typing a short announcement would be the least they could do.
Computer Specs:
CPU: Intel quad core 2.93Ghz
PSU: Corsair TX750 watt
HD: Western Digital 10,000 RPM 300gig raptor drive
MoBo: GA-EP43T-UD3
RAM: 8 gigs
Monitor: 23inch LG 1920×1080 2ms
Keyboard: Deck: Legend – green
Mouse: Razer Copperhead

>Rougey Rouges


I did really well in my first tournament. There were about 20 people that showed up and I placed fourth. Even though my deck didn’t have any “broken” cards it worked well all together. Out of the 20 people, only three of us were women.The prize for fourth place was a stupid and cheap deckbox so it was kind of useless, but at least I have a momento from my victory. As promised, here is my decklist:

Creatures (21)

>Hello Gamers


I would like to start out by saying hello to all the gamers out there. This blog is for you (well for me too). Firstly, I would like to share another blog that I hold dear. Einhander Blog. This is a blog based off my Aion legion called Einhander. Einhander means “with a single purpose” or “one handed”. I thought it was a fitting name for a guild.

Also, I’d like to share that I’m going to enter my first Magic the Gathering Tournament tonight. I modified an old morningtide preconstruct called “Going Rouge” to be suitable for a casual type legacy tourny. I’ll share my decklist, but only AFTER the tourny :p

Wish me luck!